Electric Revolution – Nissan eNV200 is for new way to work

July 31, 2014

Nissan eNV200 is the new way to work van. Nissan have received remarkable achievement of creating electric van Nissan eNV200 inline of producing another electric vehicle after Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf won praised, same as Nissan eNV200 does not left behind. Nissan eNV200 electric van is actually better to drive than diesel model.

Electric Nissan eNV200 Van

The 48 lithium ion battery modules are placed below the load floor, retaining the 4.2m3 load volume offering 267.5kg payload.

Nissan claims that eNV200 should be around four times cheaper to fuel than the diesel van at around 2p/mile. Also the maintenance cost could be 40% lower than the dCi model.

Nissan eNV200 is free from road tax and congestion charge from London congestion zone.

Nissan eNV200 is 100% electric model combination of Nissan Leaf electric concept and versality of award winning NV200. Both are very popular model of Nissan.

eNV200 is smooth and comfortable to drive from its great dynamic acceleration, instant torque and impressive drivability. enV200 is the first electric van and its combi model bought as a five seater passenger seat.

British Gas part of green technology

Seeing its features and green technology, British Gas, recently purchased over 100 eNV200 for its own fleet where further 50 to be delivered by December 2014.

Feeling Inspired?

The new Nissan eNV200 is the new way to work van for its great economical, comfortable and great performance.

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