Dacia hits three million sales across Europe since 2004

October 16, 2014

The budget Brand Dacia as sold more than three million cars across Europe in last ten years.

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer founded in 1966 in Colibasi near Pitestti which was acquired by Renault in 1999.

Dacia is known for very budget car has won over more than three million customers across Europe and around the Mediterranean rim.

Dacia have launched its cars for UK market in the summer 2012 with Dacia Duster 4*4 SUV car. Dacia is a budget brand from Renault and its cars shares many common parts with Renault models in an effort to minimise cost and deliver budget car.

Take a quick look at Dacia range here –

Dacia DusterDacia Duster is one of the best compact SUV car available in similar price of Ford Fiesta hatchback car. Available in four wheel and front wheel drive options in choice of 1.6 litre petrol and 1.5 litre diesel engine offers excellent fuel economy and co2 emissions are much more competitive.

Dacia sanderoDacia Sandero is the cheapest passenger car on sale in the UK offers space, practically and safety of a supermini for the price of a much smallest city car.

Dacia Logan MPVWhereas Dacia Logan is  also an very budget maximum capacity vehicle offers decent range of equipment, economy and emissions.

The company also adding cheapest small city car Renault Twingo at the end of year. An affordable prices and efficient engines are the highlight of Dacia’s success to be sold three millions cars since 2004.

According to Nicolas Wertans – ” More than a brand, Dacia is a growing community by building a strong bond with its customers based on a sense of confidence and proximity “`

Dacia is also organising community-based events are growing in importance year after year, providing participants with an enjoyable time that helps to forge lasting bonds between the brand and owners.

 For Dacia’s success, we would like to congratulate them and we would look forward to see some more cars in Dacia range.