Chrysler discontinued in the UK from 2017

March 19, 2015

Chrysler is a division of the Fiat group and is set to disappear from the UK after 2017- Auto Express has reported.

Recently, Fiat Group UK’s deputy managing director Karl Howkins exclusively revealed to Auto Express that they are set to pull the Chrysler brand from the UK by 2017.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sold over 66,000 vehicles in Europe, whilst very few (around 6,000) carried a Chrysler badge. On the other hand, the company has achieved a 182.4% year-on-year increase in Jeep sales. In the UK, the company has sales of 1,982 cars which is more than a 21 percent down on 2013’s total.

“The company believes that Jeep has a huge future on the continent and beyond due to consumer demand for rugged and all-wheel drive crossovers and Sports utility vehicles.”

In today’s competitive market, the Chrysler brand is declining in sales which is an important point for the brand to think about. Fiat has impressed the UK market with its retro-styled 500 city car. The company has similar plans for the Jeep and is already starting to promote Jeep as a separate entity over the past 24 months. The Alfa Romeo is also a division brand of Fiat who are mainly known for sporty and stylish cars. The money saved from operating Chrysler will be used to push Alfa Romeo and Jeep which makes sense.

Chrysler cars

The Chrysler brand – consists of the 300C saloon, Ypsilon hatchback (based on Lancia) and Grand Voyager seven seater family car. All are being axed from Europe. The Lancia will now be confined to one car alone and in one country alone — its native Italy.

SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and crossovers are in great demand. SUV cars have accounted for over 21% of all cars sold in Europe over the past 12 months. So It would make sense to concentrate and expand that part of the brand.

What do you think about Chrysler disappearing from the UK?