Lease a Mercedes-BenzA CLASS HATCHBACKA250e AMG Line 5dr Auto

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Stock Special
Mercedes-Benz A CLASS HATCHBACK A250e AMG Line 5dr Auto

Special Offer


per month plus VAT

Normal Rate: £263.37

Initial rental of £2,370.33 plus VAT
followed by 47 monthly rentals of
£263.37 plus VAT
Excess Mileage and Damage
Charges may apply.

Or call us: 0800 458 0113

If your company fleet size is over 25 vehicles, you may qualify for additional volume-related discounts; contact our National Fleet Dept on 01753 878 430 for a competitive quote.

Standard Equipment

  • Navigation system
  • Partial leather seat trim
  • Heated front seat
  • Lumbar support
  • Alloy wheels
  • Reverse parking aid
  • Cruise control
  • Alarm
  • Front armrest

Technical Information

  • Fuel type: Petrol/PlugIn Elec Hybrid
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
  • Insurance group: 28E
  • Engine power: 262 PS
  • CO2 emissions: 24 g/km (WLTP)
  • 0 to 62 mph: 6.6 secs
  • Max occupancy: 5 seats

Pricing Details

List Price £32,980.00 on the road.
BIK Price / P11D Value 32,925.00.

On the road price includes delivery, number plates, first registration fee.

Car Leasing Explained

Tax Included

for the duration
of the contract


UK mainland

Getting your new Mercedes-Benz A CLASS

There are two ways you could get your new A CLASS - There is a chance we can source a brand new stock vehicle or you can have one factory built to your exact specification.

Existing Vehicle

This is potentially the fastest way to get your hands on a new A CLASS. There is no guarantee we will be able to find an existing vehicle with all the options you desire. They have the Standard Equipment at a minimum, but are unable to have new features added. For these, just give us a call.

Custom Built

A factory build will allow you to tailor your vehicle to the exact specification you want, however will take a little longer to arrive. You can customise your new A CLASS here by selecting your desired options, colour and trim.

Is this the first time that you've looked at leasing?

Read simple answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

PromotionBase RateConfigured Rate
Business3+24 months8,000NoYes£1,163.31£387.77£1,163.31£387.77
Business9+24 months8,000NoYes£2,835.54£315.06£2,835.54£315.06
Business3+24 months10,000NoYes£1,186.02£395.34£1,186.02£395.34
Business9+24 months10,000NoYes£2,890.89£321.21£2,890.89£321.21
Business3+24 months15,000NoYes£1,274.67£424.89£1,274.67£424.89
Business9+24 months15,000NoYes£3,106.98£345.22£3,106.98£345.22
Business3+24 months20,000NoYes£1,361.04£453.68£1,361.04£453.68
Business9+24 months20,000NoYes£3,317.58£368.62£3,317.58£368.62
Business3+36 months8,000NoYes£960.84£320.28£960.84£320.28
Business9+36 months8,000NoYes£2,489.49£276.61£2,489.49£276.61
Business3+36 months10,000NoYes£983.58£327.86£983.58£327.86
Business9+36 months10,000NoYes£2,548.35£283.15£2,548.35£283.15
Business3+36 months15,000NoYes£1,065.45£355.15£1,065.45£355.15
Business9+36 months15,000NoYes£2,760.48£306.72£2,760.48£306.72
Business3+36 months20,000NoYes£1,145.79£381.93£1,145.79£381.93
Business9+36 months20,000NoYes£2,968.65£329.85£2,968.65£329.85
Business3+48 months8,000NoYes£884.91£294.97£884.91£294.97
Business9+48 months8,000NoYes£2,370.33£263.37£2,370.33£263.37
Business3+48 months10,000NoYes£905.13£301.71£905.13£301.71
Business9+48 months10,000NoYes£2,424.42£269.38£2,424.42£269.38
Business3+48 months15,000NoYes£975.84£325.28£975.84£325.28
Business9+48 months15,000NoYes£2,613.87£290.43£2,613.87£290.43
Business3+48 months20,000NoYes£1,047.72£349.24£1,047.72£349.24
Business9+48 months20,000NoYes£2,806.38£311.82£2,806.38£311.82
Personal3+24 months8,000NoYes£1,395.97£465.32£1,395.97£465.32
Personal9+24 months8,000NoYes£3,402.65£378.07£3,402.65£378.07
Personal3+24 months10,000NoYes£1,423.22£474.41£1,423.22£474.41
Personal9+24 months10,000NoYes£3,469.07£385.45£3,469.07£385.45
Personal3+24 months15,000NoYes£1,529.60£509.87£1,529.60£509.87
Personal9+24 months15,000NoYes£3,728.38£414.26£3,728.38£414.26
Personal3+24 months20,000NoYes£1,633.25£544.42£1,633.25£544.42
Personal9+24 months20,000NoYes£3,981.10£442.34£3,981.10£442.34
Personal3+36 months8,000NoYes£1,153.01£384.34£1,153.01£384.34
Personal9+36 months8,000NoYes£2,987.39£331.93£2,987.39£331.93
Personal3+36 months10,000NoYes£1,180.30£393.43£1,180.30£393.43
Personal9+36 months10,000NoYes£3,058.02£339.78£3,058.02£339.78
Personal3+36 months15,000NoYes£1,278.54£426.18£1,278.54£426.18
Personal9+36 months15,000NoYes£3,312.58£368.06£3,312.58£368.06
Personal3+36 months20,000NoYes£1,374.95£458.32£1,374.95£458.32
Personal9+36 months20,000NoYes£3,562.38£395.82£3,562.38£395.82
Personal3+48 months8,000NoYes£1,061.89£353.96£1,061.89£353.96
Personal9+48 months8,000NoYes£2,844.40£316.04£2,844.40£316.04
Personal3+48 months10,000NoYes£1,086.16£362.05£1,086.16£362.05
Personal9+48 months10,000NoYes£2,909.30£323.26£2,909.30£323.26
Personal3+48 months15,000NoYes£1,171.01£390.34£1,171.01£390.34
Personal9+48 months15,000NoYes£3,136.64£348.52£3,136.64£348.52
Personal3+48 months20,000NoYes£1,257.26£419.09£1,257.26£419.09
Personal9+48 months20,000NoYes£3,367.66£374.18£3,367.66£374.18