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The BMW 1 Series, introduced to the market in 2004, quickly made a significant impact and has since solidified its position as one of the top premium hatchbacks available today.

The BMW 1 Series is an enticing choice for those desiring luxury and practicality, thanks to its striking design, tech innovation, and dynamic performance.

As BMW's entry model, the 1 Series sits just below the 2 Series in the car line-up. The 1 Series lease remains competitive in comparison to its key competitors, such as the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Two noteworthy specifications of the 1 Series: the powertrain options and advanced technology features. This vehicle offers versatile engine options, including petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid choices. Additionally, the 1 Series features BMW's latest tech, including the iDrive system for seamless, user-friendly connectivity. These features make it a standout choice in the premium hatchback segment.

One particular highlight in the line-up is the 1 Series M Sport, a variant that has gained immense popularity. This model offers an extensive array of standard equipment and a variety of optional extras, enabling you to tailor your vehicle to your specific preferences. Whether you seek advanced safety, premium audio, or a panoramic sunroof, the 1 Series M Sport offers customisation to meet your needs!

The 1 Series is a unique blend of aggressive looks and everyday practicality. The interior exemplifies BMW's luxury-tech fusion, embodying the brand's renowned excellence. BMW has worked intensively on transmission technology improvements. The auto transmission ensures a smooth, city-to-motorway driving experience, ideal for diverse routes.

Moreover, leasing a BMW 1 Series through Car Leasing Made Simple offers an affordable way to experience the brand's quality and performance. With flexible lease terms and competitive rates, it's a smart choice for a stylish and efficient vehicle in the UK.

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