Car Leasing Made Simple Mobile Website Is Now Live

July 10, 2014

At Car Leasing  Made Simple, we are pleased to announce our mobile version website is now live.
You can visit the new site on your mobile at

Purpose of Mobile Website

The purpose of mobile website, is designed to work on a range of mobile devices and screen sizes. So now, you will see better view of our website, does not needs to Zoom in to view or read any car model, deal, reviews etc…

We have made our mobile site, an easy for our customers to get easily whatever they want.

Home Page

Home Page of Mobile WebsiteThe carousel on the homepage is actually easy to use, highlighted by top deals. And when you further down the page, you will able to filter car by brand, category and price.

Easy search by Business and Personal Car Lease

When you click “search” icon on the top, You can filter specific car by manufacture and model easily and see all the available deals.

If you are looking for specific business or personal lease,  just search by manufacturer and model and your will find everything very straight forward. This easy navigation will help you to find out specific model by your choice.

search by manufacturer and model Search Specific Model

Search Specific by Fuel Type, Gearbox, Budget…

There is also nice “Filter” functionality given to search by fuel type, gearbox, and your monthly budget. So you can narrow your results.

 filter filter by budget








At Car Leasing Made Simple , our aim is to provide a fast, easy browsing experience whatever type of device you are using.