Bad Credit Car Leasing

Bad Credit Car Leasing ExplainedBad credit. Two words you do not ever want to hear together, especially when it comes to your finances. Yes, taking out a car lease is very similar to taking out any other sort of loan, there are certain requirements that have to be met. What if we were to tell you that here at Car leasing made simple we do not see it quite as clear cut as that though. We like to review each case individually to give each prospective customer the consideration they deserve. We do not believe that your applicability for a lease should be dictated by past problems or issues. If you are interested in car leasing with bad credit then read on to find out what qualifying information we base our car lease deals on.

Bad Credit Car Leasing Made Simple

We prefer you to be a homeowner

However, this is not integral. Just like with any other loan the more collateral you have the better you will be able to cover the loaning companies investment, therefore the more likely you are to be accepted for that loan. A home is pretty much the most valuable thing a person can own so it is a great benchmark to set loan or lease deals against. Of course, if you can prove yourself as a responsible individual, and therefore a sound investment for the loaning company, house ownership is not a make or break aspect.

We always need to see a 5 year payment history

We need to see this information because we need to be sure that we can trust you with our investment. When it comes to bad credit car leasing If you can’t or don’t want to show us this information then we cannot consider you for a lease. This is an example of a situation where honesty is always the best policy. Remember, if your payment history is not ideal it may not prevent you from acquiring a lease deal with us. For example house ownership could very well offset a poor payment history and make you applicable for bad credit car leasing.

3 year address history

This is another example of information we like to see to help us decide whether our investment will be safe if we decide to lease you a car. In theory the more constant your address history the more reliable an investment you are. We know that this isn’t always true of course and therefore it is also another example of something that may not make or break your lease.

3 year employment history

We require a short employment history because, once again, we want to know that our investment is safe. If you’re an honest hard worker then there won’t be an issue as far as we are concerned. Of course if you have enough collateral a poor employment history may not be the end of the world and could well not prevent you from car leasing with bad credit.

Car Leasing With Bad Credit

Of course another huge deciding factor that is taken into consideration when it comes to bad credit car leasing is what type of car you actually want to lease. If you were dreaming of leasing a brand new Aston Martin DB11 Coupe you probably will not be too successful. However, if you were interested in leasing one of our competitively priced hatchbacks or city-cars you could well be in with more luck. If you can provide the above information then please do take a look at our personal car leasing deals and contact one of our sales representatives on +44 (0) 870 771 0011 or email us at

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