Car Crash Customer

April 11, 2014

We have recently been contacted by a customer who was involved in an accident on the M2 and thankfully was unharmed. As our previous blog will tell youAudi is constantly investing in new technology, including some excellent safety features, which our Audi customer is also keen to point out;

“full marks for the Audi’s safety system, not a hair out of place after this bump on the M2″

We would like to thank David for sending us his photograph of the incident involving his Audi [featured image above]
No car crash blog would be complete without mentioning Russia. It is not widely reported that the country has reached notoriety status through its car crash dash cams on YouTube, featuring eye witness car collision views from commuters on their daily drive out. As there are lots of us now watching these videos, Russian State traffic cops are now releasing stats on a frequent basis. In case you are interested the figure for accidents on April 6th is at 299. Not surprisingly then that there is plenty of still frame footage around like this:


Russian car crash notice the car on the left.

Russian car crash [the car on the left rapidly nears the left hand drivers side of this SUV].

car accident russia

The moment of impact. The vehicle attempts to out manouvre around the SUV blocking the junction [unsuccessfully].

 I think it would be safe to mention that if you were planning any trips to Russia soon you might want to look into hiring an Audi whilst you are out there. Back in the UK however, despite car on car accidents, and accidents involving pedestrians actually reducing; accidents involving cyclists have increased.

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: provisional estimates Jul to Sep Q3 2013

[Department for Transport, 6 February 2014]

These incidents involving cyclists have have prompted cyclists to take action, arming themselves with trusty helmet cams and trust us some cyclists are uploading some shocking videos. So shocking however we think we should leave that investigation down to you.

So needless to say road safety is of prime concern for your car leasing experts and so if you are shopping around for a car lease you may want to ask our team about our safety specifications. Alternatively you can also check out our latest deals with business lease rates which include: The Audi A6 ultra [from £249.99] , Jaguar XF luxury and R Sport [from £248.99] and Volkswagen Passat R Line [from £229.99]. An electric car is also something you might like to invest in if your living in the city such as our Nissan Leaf

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Stay Safe on the road customers,

Best Wishes,

Your car leasing experts.