Car Accident is greatest fear of Parents for their children

August 29, 2014

Car Accident is the greatest fear of parents for their child aged 16 to 25 who injured more compare to other drivers.

For new young drivers involved more in car accident because of false sense of over confidence, alcohol dose and show off to friends.

Parents’ bigger concern is car accident rather than unemployment, leaving school in early age, illegal drugs and alcohol.

Telegraph have  taken survey and based on responses by 498 adults with children aged 16-25, the survey showed:

parents chart

  • 62% of parents are more worried about their children being involved in a car accident.
  • 59% of parents were concerned about their child would be unable to get a job.
  • 33% of parents were concerned about their child would not reach their potential at school/university.
  • 31% said they were worried about their child taking illegal drugs.
  • 27% were concerned about their children taking up smoking.

According to James Dalton, head of motor at the ABI : “It’s a very genuine reason that parents are concerned for their children’s safety on the roads since car crashes are the biggest cause of accidental death among new young drivers aged 15 to 24 years”

The ABI recommends to have minimum one year of learning period for drivers as should have limit to the numbers of passengers in a car for six months after passing their driving test. Also ABI recommend to have zero tolerance on the drink drive alcohol for new young drivers.