BMW planning plug-in hybrid versions for its core model range

December 2, 2014

BMW are planning to offer the plug-in hybrid versions of all its main models including brand’s best selling 3 series sedan.

As world is being strict and react to tighter emission regulations, major automotive companies(like Toyota and General Motors) are adding electric motors to improve fuel efficiency and low emission vehicles feasible in cities like London to improve air quality. As we know, plug-in hybrids have batteries that can be recharged from electric outlets at your home and can drive emission free for long distances than conventional hybrids.

BMW has recently shows its BMW 3 series plug-in hybrid version in Miramas, France along with new generation of hybrid vehicle concepts using incorporating technology that we have seen in BMW i models. The plug-in hybrid technology concept equipped with highly efficient internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by and externally rechargeable battery. For urban shorter distance trips the hybrid models can be travelled using electric power and for longer journeys, the vehicle will be travel using “combined mode” where both systems works together.

The German brand also confirmed in long term, the company is planning to offer plug-in hybrid versions of all its main models. The fundamental technology concept will be the same using battery cells, electric motors and the power electronics in upcoming BMW plug-in hybrid models.

The BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid combines four cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor which has already been voted “International Engine of the Year”. The company already have the “i” sub brand for showcasing clean car technology where i3 battery powered city car were become the first i series model in the range and the i8 is also one of the super sporty car. The company didn’t specify a timeframe for rolling out plug-in hybrid versions of its models.

In future hybrid systems offers combined outputs in excess of 500kw and the capacity of lithium-ion batteries – up to 20 kilowatt hours – will be greatly in excess of current hybrid systems.

The plug-in hybrid are more effective and economical to run and we are in wait of BMW 3 series plug-in hybrid to arrive UK market soon.