BMW has the Biggest Facebook Page Followers

August 27, 2014

Last month we have listed top 10 Facebook pages to follow in automotive industry and today BMW have announced being the biggest Facebook page in the automotive industry.

BMW becomes the top biggest Facebook page followers in automotive industry by having 18,379,266 likes. The followers are increasing in couple of seconds. In just four minutes BMW Facebook page 90 new followers. Even though when I did refresh the page the followers are increasing by two to three numbers so we can imagine the popularity.

On UK roads, we see BMW cars more often than Mercedes Benz.  In BMW Facebook page, they have added all the models like a website, people to  navigate more easily can access directly from Facebook Page.BMW Facebook Page

Mercedes-Benz also coming second most popular Facebook page by having 15,620,466 followers. This is also most popular Facebook page with increase around 75 followers in four minutes.

Mercedes-Benz Facebook Page

There is Nissan as well coming third largest biggest Facebook page followers in automotive industry by having 10,479,938 likes.

Nissan Facebook Page

These are the top three Facebook page in automotive industry by followers who have crossed 1 million followers.