BMW 4-Series Coupe Revealed

June 18, 2013

BMW have announced their fourth generation of mid-sized sport coupe. Aptly named the 4 -series, it is the production version of the 4-Series Coupe Concept which was revealed at the North American International Auto Show this year. Unlike many concept to production conversions the production model is not too far removed from the original design. The next step in BMW’s ‘-series’ lineage, the use of the 4 represents the model moving on in its development, both in exclusivity and technical improvement. It draws more similarities from the 6-series and 8-series Coupes.

Are You A BMW 4-Series Wide Boy?

Despite the cars sleeker and longer look, in comparison to its 3-series predecessor, only 26 millimetres have been added to its length. A 50 millimetre wheelbase and 16 millimetre lower roofline are what make the real difference and give the car its stretched and more fluid outline. To further enhance the cars road hugging profile it has been widened by 43 millimetres making the rear wheel arches the cars widest point for the first time in its history. Despite the increased size BMW state that the car actually comes in at up to 100 pounds lighter than its 3-series predecessor. We do not know if it is just us but if you combine these features with the lengthy bonnet and set back seats we think you have a car that looks very reminiscent of a grown up, filled out, BMW Z4.BMW 4-Series Coupe Side On Trademark BMW features, such as the twin full-LED headlights and kidney grille, betray the vehicles heritage immediately. However, newer features such as the large air intakes that sit below the cars headlights (something you can also see on the 2014 M5) enhance its sporty image and set it apart from its previous incarnation. The gentle slope of the roof into the boot is another classic Coupe trait that the car carries off well. A nod is given to the cars 3-series heritage with the two lines running the length of the body further enforcing the vehicles sport presence. With these transitioning into the slightly wrapped rear lights  the vehicles bodywork is complete. The sum of the designs parts come in the fact that the 4-series has the lowest centre of gravity of any BMW today. This ensures the car is incredibly stable and grips exceptionally well during cornering. As always with BMW the 2014 4-series can talk the talk.

But Can The BMW 4-Series Walk The Walk?

Upon its launch the car will come with two engine sizes, the 240 bhp, 2.0 litre turbo named the 428i and the 300 bhp, 3.0 litre 435i. 0-60 using the 435i comes in at 5.0 seconds whereas the 428i takes a slightly more sluggish (comparatively anyway) 5.7 seconds. Strangely, both engines are identical to those offered in the 3-series, the car that this new model is trying so hard to separate itself from. As an optional extra you can choose xDrive all-wheel drive, this further increases the cars performance and reduces over and understeer during cornering. In addition to this Auto Start Stop comes as standard along with Brake Energy Regeneration, this creates an economical and practical driving experience.BMW 4-Series Coupe Interior The car’s interior is typically BMW with a two tone design nicely splitting the dashboard. Black panel digital dials and on board navigation are designed to provide the driver with the perfect driving position and view. A sports steering wheel, automatic belt feeders and the trademark iDrive flat screen monitor, with touch controller, further enhance the cars feeling of luxury and practicality. To enhance storage space the Coupes rear seats can be folded down, in a 40:20:40 split, allowing for an extended boot section. In addition to this the boot can be raised using the optional Smart Opener, all that is required is a foot (or something foot like) that can be moved sharply under the centre of the rear bumper to activate a motion sensor. With a starting price of £31,575 you may just be able to afford it by the time it is released, at the end of this year, as long as you do not mind living on baked beans until then. Alternatively, for a much more affordable driving experience, why not check out our fantastic BMW 3-series leasing dealstoday. Written by Ryan Hill