Best British Car Ever – Mini Turns 55

August 18, 2014

Today, on 18th August 2014…….British Ever Green Car Mini turns 55…..

First Mini was introduced in 18th of August 1959 as classic mini made in Birmingham…. At that time no one has imagined that a small car would climb the most impressive success stories into automotive industry……. Over 55 years ago, Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven have presented two models to the public in different radiator grille, hub caps and paint finishes. Mini’s designer Alec Issigonis have design this Mini in the concept of simple and ingenious with maximum interior space with minimum exterior dimensions. Four seater Mini was designed to offer great driving experience, low fuel consumption in affordable price. This brilliant original Mini was delivered up to 21st century.

Following the same principal and new technology, the Mini was returned in 2001 with another level of superior concept gained popularity in a range of different forms and eventually became firmly established.

New Mini has combined the classic values and the demands of a modern automobile.

Today the Mini make up a large number of models : starting with the classic body variant of the MINI, it includes the MINI Clubman, the MINI Convertible, the MINI Coupe and the MINI Roadster, going right through to the MINI Countryman and the MINI Paceman. All models offers great style and look following the modern technology and outstanding quality at premium level.

Mini is not just famous in Europe. Mini is famous at worldwide level. There are many people who are passionate about Mini specially in those counties where Mini is not available in some Asian countries. Mini is in a great demand all the time.

Today on Mini’s 55th birthday….. Mini’s concept is more younger than ever….

Member of the classic Mini and the new Mini community met in the country of Kent on first weekend in August and to celebrate the most successful and most popular British small car on its 55th anniversary.

Mini lovers are very impressed by new generation Mini cars. The Mini range includes  –  1960’s first classic cars to a classic Mini Clubman Estate and a classic 25 Special Edition Mini from 1984 through to one of the last classic Minis ever built from the year 2000.

Paddy Hopkirk was the guests of honour at the anniversary, who achieved the brand’s first win at the Monte Carlo Rally in a Mini Cooper S 50 years ago and Russ Swift, who demonstrated some of his unique stunts and tricks.

Mini is the ever green world’s most famous small car….. In Mini’s celebration, they designed and produced hundreds of individual stickers featuring messages and pictures. The best designs will be on show later this year at a big MINI exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich.