Audi Q2 Crossover Designed With Young Fashion Conscious In Mind

June 4, 2016

Ready for the Audi Q2 Crossover SUV? Ready or not, here comes the latest in the crossover line and this little car with the big punch is ready to break records all over the road. For starters, it is designed to appeal to the young millennial consumer who prefers to drive quick, responsive cars that have a lot of power and turn ratio in addition to the room for all kinds of gear and passengers. It is expected that the 164 inch body of the Audi Q2 has an amazing 14.2 cubic feet of space for luggage, plenty for a quick weekend or day trip down the road.

Looking at the spec sheet, the Audi Q2 has front wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive, a powerful turbocharged engine with 114 horsepower to draw on with the three cylinder gas power on demand. The power and tech features mentioned are just the starters, the real draw for the consumers is the virtual digital display and sound system that will replace traditional gauges and dials with the most modern technology that exists.

The building blocks of the VW MQB series are what enable the Audi Q2 to adapt technologies to impact and enhance the safety features such as parking in both perpendicular and parallel areas and most importantly the ability to warn the driver of possible crashes when backing out of areas. The cruise control is adaptive with the ability to brake quickly for other cars and people, even up to 40 mph. quite the feat for a crossover vehicle and one that consumers are quick to appreciate. This new crossover Audi Q2 should set the standard for the next wave of hot sporty crossovers to come.