Are you aware about new Road Tax Rule? Effects from 1st October

September 19, 2014

This is our second post to make you aware about new car road tax rule that going to be in action on 1st October 2014. So you do not need to show paper road tax on windscreen of your car from the action effect date. Everything is going to be online same as your insurance.

From 1st October, you can pay your road tax online, from phone and your local post office as well. Check how to pay road tax here.

Also there is new system introduce to check your road tax online so easy to check.

We would like you to aware about the new changes otherwise you could get charge. The RAC has claimed the new road tax change could amounts about £167m a year.

Also RAC have taken survey of 2,000 drivers and results showed

  • 36% drivers unaware of scrapping of the paper disc
  • 47% drivers did not know when the change going to be effect

The result also says 63% feared there would be a rise in the number of untaxed cars on the road.

The road tax was introduced in 1921, but DVLA officially says there is no need of now. Everything should be online so police now relying on electronic register and automatic number plate recognition.

According to DVLA, it’s a simple task to pay and check status online but hard to people should aware about the new effect.