30th Anniversary – Happy Birthday to Seat Ibiza

July 31, 2014

Seat is celebrating 30th birthday of IBIZA, was first launched in 1984 and been rolled out five times with sold over five million units worldwide. Seat Ibiza have very interesting history.

Seat Ibiza MK1 : First Generation (1984 – 1993)

Seat Ibiza MK1

Seat Ibiza MK1

First Seat was launched in 27th April 1984 in Barcelona’s Zona Franca Factory.  Seat  brand was produced by collaboration between the Italian  designer  Giugiaro, Karmann and the prestigious German sports-car manufacturer Porsche.

So Ibiza was the great combination of Italian design with powerful German engines.

The Ibiza is named after the Spanish island Ibiza and first introduced in Paris Motor show.

The first Ibiza looks very sporty and stylish with sold around 3.5 million units reaching more than 75 counties in three decades and that time Ibiza was the one and only most exported car in the company’s history became worldwide hit.

From its launch in 1984 until 1993, sold total 1,342,001 units.

Seat Ibiza MK2 : Second Generation (1993 – 2002)

Seat Ibiza MK2

Seat Ibiza MK2

Onwards second generation model was formed part of the German automotive industry Volkswagen Group. The second generation model was available in three and five door in saloon/coupe and estate variants.

In 1996, the SEAT Ibiza Kit Car won the FIA World Rally Championship in the 2 litre category.

Second generation of Ibiza MK2 have sold total – 1,522,607 units.

Seat Ibiza MK3 : Third Generation (2002 – 2006)

Seat Ibiza MK3

Seat Ibiza MK3

Third generation model of Ibiza was fully produced under Volkswagen Group ownership. It is designed by Walter de Silva, intended to have sporty and performance image.

This time was awarded car of the year in 2003 by What Car? and won Super-mini of the year award three years in a row, by British magazine what car.

Seat Ibiza MK4 : Fourth Generation (2006 – 2008)

Seat Ibiza MK4

Seat Ibiza MK4

 In 2008, same third generation Ibiza was released with some cosmetic changes to both the interior and exterior.

Third generation of Ibiza have sold total – 1,084,989 units.

Seat Ibiza MK5 : Forth Generation (2008 – Present)

Seat Ibiza MK5

Seat Ibiza MK5

The forth generation of Seat Ibiza was previewed at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show in the form of the Bocanegra concept car. It was styled by the Belgian car designer Luc Donckerwolk with the distinctive arrow design.

The model range features a three and five door hatchback addition of five door estate.

Here to see all five Seat Ibiza generation models together –

Car Leasing Made Simple would like to wish Ibiza for its great achievement. Long may its reign continue.