2015 Kia Soul EV Details – Concept and Features

August 6, 2014

2015 Kia Soul Electric – Kia Motors have started the production of Kia Soul electric models. Kia Soul EV model is going to be the first electric vehicle to be marketed by the Kia company outside of Korea.

The second generation of Kia Soul(petrol and diesel) is available  in UK from Spring 2014. The Soul electric model goes on sale in late 2014.

Kia Soul EV Concept

Kia Soul EV is manufactured at Kia’s Gwangju facility in Korea with initially planned to make 5,000 units. Kia Soul is the first start part of Kia’s  ‘Clean Mobility’ program to provide environmentally friendly transport to worldwide Kia’s customers.

Kia Soul EV is Based on iconic design of the second generation Kia Soul fuel model. The Soul is EV is uniquely designed battery electric vehicle perfectly suited for city commuters thanks to its class-leading drive range, a spacious cabin and generous cargo area.

Kia Soul features lithium ion polymer battery pack

Soul EV featuring a high capacity 192 cell 27 kWh lithium ion polymer battery pack. Key enablers for the Soul EV’s outstanding drive range are industry-leading 200 Wh/kg cell energy density and a number of state-of-the art energy-saving features such as the new heat pump, smart air intake control system and a new individual ventilation system that ensure maximum driving range without losing energy for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC).  The Soul EV also employs regenerative braking to capture and recycle into the battery the kinetic energy generated while the car is coasting and braking.

Kia ensure that Soul EV maintain all the ‘fun to drive’ character of the regular soul with fast acceleration to 100 kph which is around 62mph is predicted to take in 11.2 seconds.

Slow and Fast Charging

Kia Soul EV charging is able to charge by any standard household electricity supply. It will be available recharging slow and fast charge option

Recharging time for slow charge are up to five hours for a fully discharged battery using 6.6Kw AC charger with 100% state of charge where as fast charge time are up to 33 min for 80% state of charge using 50LW DC charger.

Great concept using recycled materials

Soul EV is contains 23,942 grams of bio-based plastic and 10 per cent bio-based organic carbon content, and for that It has achieved world automotive industry’s first UL Environment Validation.

Soul EV is also made with recyclable interior materials include Bio Plastic, Bio Foam, Bio Fabric and Bio PET Felt, together with low volatile organic compounds and newly developed antibacterial materials and paint.

  • Achieved ISO 140401 certification considers whole life environmental impact.
  • Kia announced its intention to achieve ISO 50001 (An international standard on corporate energy conservation planning and implementation.)

Debut at 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Kia Soul EV is ready to make debut at 2014 Geneva Paris Motor Show which will come on sale in late December. Kia will also display a standalone exhibit of a new hybrid technology, developed by the brand’s European R&D centre for use in future Kia models.

Kia Soul EV Video

Here is an official, impressive video of Kia Soul Worldwide –