2015 Honda NSX revealed at Detroit

January 13, 2015

The new 2015 Honda NSX revealed at the Detroit International Auto show. It is the new Honda NSX – or you can called the new Acura NSX. It means the same – Acura is the brand of Honda which sells luxury and sports car in the USA, same as Infiniti does for Nissan and Lexus does for Toyota.

The new NSX has been largely developed in the USA and wearing Acura badge for now. The revealed model has been seen in Red finish which looks amazingly super stylist sport car that everyone would like to have ride on it.

The first Honda NSX was revealed at the Chicago Motor show back in 1989, over 25 years ago – and now we have the all-new super car from Honda finally.

Highlights dynamic exterior look and technical bits

Next Generation Acura NSX UnveiledThe new NSX is longer and wider than the original concept. Looking the images, we can states the new NSX has bold appearances with low roofline and gaping inside vents giving an undoubtedly aggressive look. The rear side features four centrally mounted exhausts, LED lights and a race-inspired diffuser.

Also highlights a fully independent all-aluminium front and rear suspension set-up, as well as carbon ceramic brakes and 19 inch alloy wheels at front and 20 inch rear alloy wheels.

Honda engineers have worked hard in every element of the NSX’s exterior design which has been carefully sculpted for high speed stability. The design of the car has been carefully optimised to concentrate the weight low and towards the middle of the car, and Honda claims it has the lowest centre of gravity in its class.

The car uses a aluminium spaceframe tied by a carbon-fibre floor and is clad with aluminium composites panels which has increased the overall NSX weight might go above 1.6 tonnes – where the original NSX was only a little over 1.3 tonnes.

Honda’s development centre in Ohio leading to modifications to the bonnet vents, boot spoiler and side air intakes.

Getting inside, you will find contemporary interior

Next Generation Acura NSX Interior

I love the interior of the NSX compared for new Ford GT, it giving the contemporary feeling without much of the shared switchgear that left people cool on the prospect of the original Honda supercar.

The show car if trimmed in bright red leather and features a dynamic TFT display screen with the driver and passenger cocooned by the high centre console and intricate dashboard. It clearly seems largely made of decent materials and eschews the other-worldly look in favour of an everyday supercar vibe.

Powered by twin-turbo hybrid drivetrain

The big news is about NSX is its engine that powered by all-wheel drive twin-turbo hybrid drivetrain packing around 550bhp. Its nine speed dual clutch transmission (DCT)and three electric motor sport hybrid system – integrated with an ultra rigid and lightweight material body.

New Acura NSX

Its main V6 engine push the rear wheel to drive and if that wasn’t generate enough formula, then the pair of electric motors driving the front wheel – weirder still, there is third motor between the engine and the nine speed clutch gearbox that support braking, handling, acceleration and transmission shifting performance. The engine start button takes centre stage and allows driver to choose between four driving modes – Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. The NSX also features a launch mode for lightning-fast standing starts.

Like other hybrid performance cars, the NSX has become a four wheel drive petrol-electric hybrid car with power pegged at 600hp.

The new Honda NSX will be built at Honda’s performance manufacturing centre in Ohio, US and Badged as an Acura in US States. It will going to be sold in European market as a Honda. The Prices are set to be around $150,000 (£99K) in the US, with order books opens in summer ready for the showroom in the late autumn.