2014 Kia Quoris/K9 Confirmed for US Release

November 5, 2013

The new Kia Quoris (or K900/K9 depending on what country you’re in) has been confirmed for release in the US market. Although the car has already been on sale in its homeland of South Korea and elsewhere such as the Middle East for over a year, only now are Kia making a push for the massive markets of the U.S, China and Russia. This is likely to be confirmed later this month at the LA Auto Show where the new Kia Quoris will be unveiled.

Why The 2014 Kia Quoris Matters

You may have noticed that there was no mention of the European or UK markets above. So, why should you be bothered about the new Kia Quoris? Simply put, the Quoris highlights a new statement of intent from Kia. Mike Rutherford, from The Telegraph, spoke to Thomas Oh, Kia’s second in command. He said how “We now compare with companies such as Toyota. We are on the same level. These other guys (Peugeot and Renault) are depending too much on the French and European marketplaces. They’ve failed to develop overseas markets and rising markets. We’re very different. Literally translated, Kia means Rising Asia.”

Kia Quoris K9 Left Side On

Kia is aware that they don’t carry enough of a reputation in Europe and the UK to beat the German executive saloon behemoths, for now they are content with their share of the hatchbackcrossover market. And why wouldn’t they be? For a company that has clawed its way back from the precipice of administration Kia is doing incredibly well, ‘8th largest car manufacturer in the world’ well in fact. However, there’s a possibility that the Quoris can do well in the US executive market. Kia’s image is different there, slightly more respected you could say. Thanks to this there is no reason why the generously equipped Quoris would fail where other highly specced Kia models have succeeded.

To further reinforce this intent, news has recently been revealed that Kia are planning to release a limited run of Cadenza’s, the next model down from the Quoris, to the European market to test the response ahead of a possible full scale release.

What’s The New Kia Quoris Like?

Kia peg the Quoris as a 5-series, E-Class, XJ etc beater, this gives you a good idea of the sort of refinement and quality you can expect. Something that is particularly noticeable is how spacious the car is, a staple of many ‘real’ executive saloons, with a 5090mm length and 3045mm wheelbase. It’s true that the interior looks fantastically spacious, particularly in the rear where seats can be specced to include heating and ventilation, backrests, sliding cushions and leg supports (sound executive enough for you yet?)

Kia Quoris K9 Rear InteriorThe amount of kit is the other impressive selling point of the Quoris, much of which is sold as standard. A TFT instrument cluster, monitors for rear passengers and adaptive front lights are just a few examples of what the tech heavy car can offer. Refinement is also superb, with optional (or standard depending on what spec model you’re looking at) cosseting air suspension the car is whisper quite and smooth as silk.

Although it may be lacking that small ‘something’ of other more established models (that could well be our own, ingrained badge snobbery rearing its ugly head) what will really appeal about the Quoris is its value for money. Getting a lot of bang for your buck has become a staple of Kia ownership over recent years. Although Kia have admitted that their profit margins have been extremely slim on some of their more successful models you can still see a fantastic value for money in the Quoris (where they are aiming to widen those margins slightly). There has been no confirmation of US pricing but the rumour mill puts it at somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000 which works out as between £31,000 and £41,000 which is considerably cheaper than a £96,000 Jaguar XJ or £57,000 BMW 5 Series.

We feel that, based on the success of Kia’s other models (both via our site and country wide) the Quoris could succeed and possibly even flourish in a UK market that is ravenous when it comes to great value, high quality vehicles. What do you feel? Could the Quoris overcome European and UK badge snobbery? Let us know in the comments below. If you are interested in more Kia information, including our best deals, please check out our Kia Manufacturer page.

More Kia Quoris / K9 Images (Click to enlarge):

[one_fourth]Kia Quoris K9 rear Right[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Kia Quoris K9 Interior[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Kia Quoris K9 Rear Left[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Kia Quoris K9 Front Left[/one_fourth_last]

Written by Ryan Hill